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Our fabric prints are all produced on a super soft and stretchy, medium weight jersey, printed in the London,UK. They are then shipped to myself here in Yorkshire to be lovingly cut, sewn, packaged and shipped by myself. Im a one woman band with a passion for creating super fun, comfy and durable clothing and accesories for your carefree little ones. With the overlocked seams for strength and stretch you can be sure your items will last wash after wash and wear after wear!



*All items will come with a standard cuff but if you would prefer to have a rolled cuff please specify in the "custom requests" text box below.


*The teddy fleece options which are the last picture in the carousel of images above starting with the colour navy, are only available for pram blankets, please only choose one of these colours if ordering a pram blanket. If you choose one of these colours in teddy fleece for any other itme th closest match in a suitable fabric will be chosen as an alternative.


*If ordering a pram blanket the available teddy fleece colour options for the backing of the blanket are in the last picture in the carousel of images above, select any age you like as these all come at a standard 75cm square. Please do allow a little either side of this measurement due to the handmade nature of the product.


*If ordering a single or double pompom hat, the pompom colour will be determined on the best match however if you are wanting a specific colour, please let us know in the "custom requests" text box below and we will do our best to accomodate. The available colours are Beige, White, Grey, Tan, Brown and Black.


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