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Hey you lovelies! Moll here, the 'lost the plot a long time ago' main human behind Porridgeheads! (But just to clarify no babies consumed any beer in the above photo, even if i have no plot aha) I say 'main' but even though its me doing all the cutting, sewing, admin, packing and everything in between. I know for a fact i wouldn't be where i am now without the inspiration and the unconditional love of my two little boys, Teddy and Swade. (Suppose i should also give the man child a mention here too so not to leave him out so thanks to you too babe!) They're the happiest little bundles of phsyco you ever would meet and YES, they're twins aha. They were in fact the whole reason Porridgeheads began! Ive always had a 'creative flare' as someone once said but have always been a bit of a 'dabbler'. Ive done everything from making celebration cakes to running my own pole fitness studio, from instructing at GoApe to Horse Racing and pretty much everything in between! I cant believe that at 23, i've finally found something that i not only love and enjoy, allows me to work from home and spend as much time with my boys as possible but has introduced me to such a huge network of lovely mums who are so supportive and genuine people. Porridgeheads was 'founded' if you like,  in August 2018 but officially launched 23rd September the same year. The boys were just 6 months old when it all began, I have to say it was much easier back then! Now they're up and about, my working hours are usually when theyre asleep, which isnt often aha, even at 17 months they still don't sleep through! Im still boobing them, aiming for the casual 'boobs tucked into my trainer socks' look by the time their two i think! So i usually stop working when its time for the night feed but my brains not keen on rest and thats usually when it starts chucking the to-do lists at me for the morning! Im sure some of you can relate! I can honestly say i've never felt more content in life than i do right now and for that i am so unbeleivably grateful to all of you guys that visit the site, like and share our posts, place orders and just support us in anyway you can! You truly are the best customers and friends ever and none of it would be possible without ya! My aim is to keep feeding and watering the kids, obvs,  like the top mum i am, keep bringing you new designs and products you'll all love and keep this fab support network going and bossing, winging this motherhood thing were all in! I am hoping at some point to write a blog where we can all chat and share experiences and stuff because i know how lonely it can sometimes get even in the busiest of homes! I wont lie i have attempted this before but there just weren't enough hours in the day so i gave up! I am going to make an active effort to sort it out though! In the meantime my inbox is always open to anyone wanting a chat, a rant or just someone to tell you its gonna work out! My personal insta is @twinboysandabusiness if you'd really like to do some snooping but its very much no holds barred and i swear a lot so be warned! (I do think theres a rule though where its aloud when you have kids mind!)

For now, Ill leave you with this from one mumma to another, 


Rewash that washing for the 12th time,

Ignore the mess,

Eat the cake,

Drink the wine,

ALL the wine,

And dont let ANYONE tell you you're not bossing it

As long as they're smiling,

Who really gives a shit!

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