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  • How long is current turnaround?
    Current turnaround is up to 21 wokring days, however this does sometimes change and the best way to check is to our instagram bio! The turnaround is always correct on there!
  • What does 'contrast colour' mean?
    A contrasting colour would be if you were wanting one of our basic fabrics as a contrast on your item for example a raccoon tee with a black contrast would have a raccoon main body and then black sleeves, collar and cuff. Or a Wild Child romper with a mustard contrast would have a wild child main body and mustard lining and cuffs.
  • Is the sizing generous?
    Definetely! Im all about making clothes last, especially as i have to buy/make for two exactly the same! Most people will tell you Porridgeheads sizing is generous however if your still unsure on which size to order feel free to message e and i can send you measurements until we get our size guide sorted!
  • Are all your 'exclusive prints' printed on the same fabric?
    Yes they are! All our printed fabrics are sourced from a UK based company which pride themselves on being as eco-friendly as possible and have recently installed a 'zero to waste' policy where they will send all fabric off-cutts etc to places suh as charities and schools to be reused! How great is that!
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