All our christmas sacks handmade to order and are available in any of our prints, including the not so christmassy ones and block colours. A fab choice if you were planning on using them all year round! They all some with a personalised name acros the middle unless you would prefer one without. They are all super stretchy so can are fab for the not-so-easy to wrap presents like balance bikes and scooters! They tie with a braided drawstring roughly two inches from the top. Unless specified otherwise the colour of the drawstring will be matched to the print by myself. Any questions, please dont hesitate to get in touch!



All our christmas stockings are handmade to order. Theyre fleece lined with a block colour of your choice. theyre much bigger than your standard stocking and also have. little stretch to them too! No more fights to get the chocolate oranges in is the dream right!? Theyre available in ALL our fabrics including the not so christmassy ones and block colours. They all come personalised with a name of you choice across the top and a loop on the side for easy hanging too!